bio-picGail Jones is an aspiring artist living in South Africa.

She has come from a family of artistic, creative people, all of whom love life and beauty. With an innate talent and the skills she learned through her life, Gail constantly adds to her techniques by an acute observation of everything about her.

Before raising her children in Zimbabwe, she taught Art and crafts in senior schools and loved inspiring young people to enjoy expressing their creativity.

Gail has enjoyed exploring all media and styles. In the latter part of her career in art, she has concentrated on working in oils on canvas. Recently she discovered the technique of painting in oils on beautiful mirrors. She is very excited with the stunning effect of reflected images and light, shining through and around her subjects in bridal portraits and wedding scenes. Hence the name “Bridal Reflections”.

As an artist, Gail is unique in using this method for wedding paintings. The surface she prepares makes the paint durable, neither smudging nor being damaged by rubbing or cleaning of the mirror.

Gail has a passion for studying and painting faces of people and animals. She also enjoys showing the beauty of God’s creation in her land and seascapes. Her work is realistic and carefully orchestrated and she loves a bit of fun and a challenge!

She would like to share her paintings with you!